Home page is blank for all home tabs under sales/marketing/support etc

Hi I’m a newbie to SuiteCRM

Apologies for being in the wrong section, well I think this should be in bug tracker or something. There is no other choice suitable in new topic category.

I have recently had SuiteCRM installed on our GoDaddy shared hosting server. I have given up on the email settings setup, it seems most people are having issues with it and it’s the remainder of the CRM functionality we need at present.

However the issue I need some help with please?

I have been adding a small amount of data today, a contact, account, history etc only a small amount of data. On returning to the home screen to view all the data I get a blank screen just showing the navigation to the top and left. Has anybody any ideas if I’ve done something I shouldn’t have or a way to get my home pages back? Its the same for them all sales/marketing/support/activities/collaboration/all.

Is there any more information I could supply to help with the situation?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

David Stubbs
Propeller Industries


There are a few things that may cause this.

Firstly, ensure that you navigate to the Home page via the option in one of the Dropdowns. Clicking the CRM name in the top-left takes you to a Home page that doesn’t support AJAX very well. See the screenshot for clarity on this.

If this doesn’t bring the Homepage correctly into view, Could you attach some screenshots of the issue?

Could you Check your suitecrm.log / sugarcrm.log files for any errors and let us know if there are any?

Also, Check the Browser’s Console for any errors when navigating to the Home page.