Home page dashlet and buttons to add dashlet and tab on home page not displaying.


I have upgarded my suitecrm to version 7.7.2.

After upgrade, If I change theme to “Suite P”, the theme changes for suitecrm but all dashlets from home page are not displaying there.

Add Tab and Add Dashlets buttons are not displaying also.

How to display dashlets on home page in SuiteCRM 7.7.2 in theme “Suite P”.



If you’ve upgrade from 7.6.6 or below, the Add Dashlet and Add Tab functions are now under the Actions Button, compared to individual buttons like in previous version
Could you please send a screenshot of your home page.

I just upgraded from 7.6.4 to 7.7.2 and all my dashlets dissappeared. i’ve tried rebuilding them thru repair dashlets, quick repair and rebuild. thoughts?

looks like it’s only for my custom theme again. going to use scripts to regen custom themes. THANKS!

didn’t work. recursive copy of themes/SuiteR to custom/themes/SuiteT and change name in themedef is showing same result, no dashlets.

checked console log and don’t see any JS errors. Whiskey tango foxtrot.

so, after screwing around with all this for the last hour or so, it appears that custom themes will no longer display dashlets. have no idea why, but thought i would let you know.

Please find attached screenshot.

Where is the Action button? Please tell me.

I have posted the screenshot in a separate message. It is showing nothing in content area.

HI blasher - the themes have changed in regards to certain layouts are now theme specific. As you have a custom theme I suspect that is the issue - I’ll update with how and where to update your custom theme to reflect this.

harendra, what browser are you using? I can’t tell by your screenshot.

Hi samus-aran,

I have tried on Chrome and Firefox. It is same on both browsers.

No dashlet is displaying.


I have upgraded my suitecrm to 7.7.4 version.

Is there any option or fixes in this version to display dashlets on home page in theme “Suite P”.

All of these issues should be fixed. If, for you, they’re still not just let us know and we’ll investigate :slight_smile:

Hi Cameron,

There is still blank home page appearing on my SuiteCRM in theme “Suite P” as attached screenshot after upgraded to 7.7.4 version.

There is no button for “Add Dashlet” or “Add Tab” on home page.

Please let me know how should I display dashlets on home page in SuiteCRM 7.7.4 in “Suite P” theme.


I started by having to disable Ajax for home then the dashlets and everything else disappeared. No idea why as it was working fine before.