history subpanel

Can’t really post in bugs because its probably not a bug,

i have 4 instances of suitecrm running, 3 on versions 7.1.3 (live production - limited modules) and 1 (my test platform all modules enabled) that was 7.1.3 but upgraded to 7.1.4, now up until last night my history subpanels never displayed any notes especially the PDF template ones on any instance, now when an sms addon broke my client and lead pages on v7.1.4 last night and i had to replace the view.detail.php, they started working, ive tried replicating what i did on one of the other sites and no luck, does anyone have an idea where i’m going wrong?

Had the detail view been customised? Did the history sub-panel just not display or did it simply return no records before? Were there any errors?