History Subpanel customisation in Studio: does anyone want to build this?

It is a gap that the History sub-panels cannot be edited in Studio.

Googling the forums -it seems it is hard to do.

BUT; many users want it and there are many questions about customising the History Sub-panel.

Question: if we could gather 5 or 10 people interested in paying for this to be written: could we find a developer to produce a plugin to do it? (I;m not a developer so I’ll be paying. not coding it!)

It would help

  • new SuiteCRM users more then experienced ones
  • be good for SuitecRM crediibility and speed of onboarding

Please respond here with your views on 2 questions:

a) would you be willing contribute some money to a group fund?

b) What is the MVP for such an addition to Studio?

Is it

  • 'Allow the 3 date columns date to be toggled ‘show/hide’ as default settings in Studio ?

Or next level up:

  • Allow an extra column to be inserted

or something else in your view?