History report for a contact


When viewing a contact, under History, I see all activity for that contact…specifically phone calls and emails. I’m looking to run a report across all contacts that would show me that History for a given time period (usually between 1 and 5 days). I see where I can create an email report, and create a separate calls reports (although I can’t seem to group that by account)…just wondering if there’s a report somewhere in here that renders the same information as what’s in History?

Currently running 7.9.7

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


As you have stated the report will need to work on a one module at a time basis

So a “Call” report

I would advise you base the report on Contact module

Take all fields from Contact module - including the “Account Name” field - You can then group by this :slight_smile:

Add all the fields from the Calls module you need

In conditions you can add the “start date” for the call and add the conditions based on period or date (greater than) and user selects 5 days ago

So ie you will get all call that have a start date of greater than 5 days ago