History Overview Screen


Just trying to work out how I can export a list of all leads along with their history - the History Overview screen which lists any notes, emails, meetings, etc is what I need along with the customer firstname and surname exported as a CSV.

How can I do this? Not the best with myphpadmin where I have been trying to do this.


With AOR reporter you could write a report for each module linked to the Lead

Leads - Calls
Leads - Meetings
Leads - Notes
Leads - Emails

otherwise it would need to be a custom generated request to pull the data from CRM


Thanks for that
Was ok getting the Calls, Notes and Meetings but cant work out the emails to get the same output as the summary emails screen.

I can get the email address, and subject, date created but can’t work out how to get the body of the email.

There seems to be a lot of records as well and time out on export - is there a way to restrict the number of records?


You could limit the report results with a date created condition

I will look at a report on emails and get back to you :slight_smile:

Same issue, AOR doesn’t seem to pick up the “body” field to report from