History is not displaying the right name with meetings

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I’m using SuiteCRM 7.11.8

I came across the following issue. When I make a meeting and select 2 or more contact who attent to this meeting, in the History (activities) subpanel it doesn’t display the correct name. For example I made a meeting with Drew and Doris. The meeting is connected to Drew but in the Activities of Drew it shows that the meeting is related to Doris in stead of Drew.

Is there any way to resolve this issue?

It doesn’t have a way to show a list inside a single field space in the List view, so it only shows the first element.

I think this is a limitation of List views. Of course you can customize the Listview generation but you will find it’s a complex area of the code (list views are built from metadata, are editable from Studio…). And from all List views, History and Activities are the most complex, since they aggregate data from several sources…


Thank you for your reply. However, I don’t want to show a list of names. I only want to show the correct name under the right contact.
For some reason does the add file button not work properly. Via the links below you can see a screenshot of what I mean. As you can see on the second screenshot; I’m in the contact Drew, but the activities show that the appointment is related to Doris.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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About attaching images (on Chrome it’s harder):


From the perspective of a List view :silly: there isn’t “a correct name”. There is only a meeting, and two invitees in it. The List view is not even aware that it is being shown inside a Contact’s view, or which Contact’s detail view it is on.

It simply shows (I believe) the first invitee that SQL returns to it. To add any finer logic into that would require changing the code. As I said, I believe this would be quite tricky, though definitely not impossible.

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Thank you for your explanation!