Hey people o/. I am a student and I'm writing a diploma work on CRM, need some help.

Hey everyone.

I am almost done with my diploma work, but what is left is to show 2-3 different examples of a Suite CRM campaign.

I have been searching for some time now, and the best I found are some videos in foreign languages with bad quality.

Can someone please run 1 or more simple Campaigns with a few custom (more interesting things) and take Screenshots of each screen?

What I Need to show in my diploma work is What Suite CRM campaigns can do and give 2-3 examples for a CRM campaign.

The campaigns just need to include a few different things that actually show basically how cool Suite CRM is and what kind of campaigns can be ran on it.

Thank you SO MUCH for taking your time to read this and I hope someone helps me.

Please upload the images to some website like postimg.org and send the links or send the images on my e-mail, zezima@abv.bg.


I can’t help you doing the work for you.
If you want your diploma you need to work for it.

See tutorials
Creating a new email campaign with SuiteCRM - Tutorials - http://www.poweredbygnulinux.com/tutorials/making-an-email-campaign-with-suitecrm/

More related tutorials

Thank you, but your response is pretty late.

I did my research and and had to translate campaign tutorials from foreign websites, but all is done and I got my diploma with the best score.

Thanks for the response though. :slight_smile: