I’m trying to setup the email settings for outgoing mail configuration but I keep getting this error :

“Error:The following From address failed:

I’ve tried several other “From” email addresses and all give me the same error.

I’m using the following configuration:

SMTP Mail Server :
SMTP Port: 456
SMTP Authentication: Yes
Encryption: SSL

can someone show me what I’m doing wrong.


I was able so solve this problem by changing the following:
$mail->host to $mail->localhost

But now I’m having another issue trying to reset passwords:

This is the error message:
The system is unable to send an email to the user. Please check the Outgoing Mail Configuration in Email Settings.

Thank you for you support.

I had the same problem when my crm was in godaddy, they does not support sent email via smtp, I had to change my domain to Webhostinghub and works fine.