Help with Workflow

Hi guys,

I’m new on this workflow thing so I need some help, I’m trying to send emails with Workflow, for example 1 email today, if that email is not open in 24 hours, another email gets send, if this emial is not open in 48 hours… etc.
I’ve noticed that this must be done with conditions and actions, so my question is, do I have to create various workflow to assign those conditions(24 hours, 48 hours) or it is done in the same worflow.

Thanks and have a good day :smiley:

Sorry I forgot to put the “code” of the workflow:

Module: Tasks
Field: Due Date
Operator: Less Than or Equal To
Type: Date
Value: Now +1 MInute (This is just for testing)

Select Action: Send email
Email: To email “MyEmail”
Email Template: -None-