Help with workflow logic - Hundreds of email reminders for one call when relationships are added.

Good afternoon all,

Having a lot of trouble with a workflow I set up. The workflow is for the calls module. When a checkbox called “Follow up” is checked, it will create a new record in calls. Everything was working fine until I added that it needed to pull the relationship from the prior call entry. It would then send me tons of reminder emails, instead of just 1 like before. Any idea what is causing this?

Also wanted to add that its not the workflow that is running multiple times either, I checked the database, and there are hundreds of reminders generating for that one call.

Bump - any workaround to this? All I really want to do is relate the new record to the same entity the old record was (in this case, an entry from the accounts module).

Bumping this, any idea how to get around or what is causing this? It is preventing us from using a much needed workflow.