Help with which module to use


Im currently helping a not for profit organisation who get youth into jobs.

All their youths are entered in SuiteCRM as Contacts

As they are recruited into jobs, I’d like to be able to record this somehow in the crm (and report on it later)

I looked at Leads and Opportunities, but neither seem to be what Im after

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

Three alternatives:

  1. If you need a simple note, just record it in the Contact’s description field.

  2. If you need a fancier note, just add a Note item to that Contact.

  3. You could use the Accounts module for an even more elaborate connection: each company handing out a job would be an Account, and your contact would be linked to that account. This will be especially interesting for you if the same companies recruit several of your candidates, because you can see them in an organized way by going into that Account.

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Thanks! Will checkout the accounts module :slight_smile: