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As the title suggests, I would need help with creating a form. Being a beginner with suitecrm I ask you for help, in a nutshell I have to transform an excel file into a quotation form. The help lies in the fact that in excel there are several dropdown menus and by choosing a field, for example by choosing the company, different fields are automatically filled in with the related data and I don’t know how to integrate it into the form because in the excel sheet they are also carried out calculations. Thank you in advance for your help.

Someone help me?
I need help as I don’t know how to integrate this into suiteCRM.

As you might have notices already, SuiteCRM works works totally different than Excel. You could reproduce some functionality by using logic hooks, workflow and custom javascript.

Here some helpful links:

Thanks for the answer, now I study the related links and let you know!

Is it possible to insert in suiteCRM insert mathematical calculations in the modules? I mean if the user inserts the data “A” and then inserts the data “B” is it possible to fill in the fields “C”, “D”, etc … with the results of the operations? What if I need to change the code of my custom module?

As I mentioned on my previous reply. You can add that functionality using Workflows, logichooks or custom javascript.

Is it possible to implement all these functions only via JavaScript? Or do I have to integrate Workflows and logichooks?
Sorry for my English and sorry if I fill you with questions but I’m new to SuiteCRM

Can you kindly help me?


I see 2 questions from you:

  1. work with excel files:
  1. use of mathematical calculations fields.
  • look at module Workflows. It’s easy way becase you use ready-made formы of SuiteCRM.
  • develop create your own programming code and use LogicHook

SuiteCRM is written on PHP for backend and javascript for frontend.

Thanks for the reply and for the help.
I try to answer you in detail, I have to write the code because my CEO says that the workflow writes a lot to the disk and tends to take up a lot of space. Thanks to you I am starting to have an idea on how to create it all. Now my question is another. I have created a custom module where I have to write the code to integrate it with the created module? Can you kindly help me with the LogicHooks?
Thanks in advance!

What kind of help do you need?
You can ask general questions here. If you are interested in any details, write in person, we will discuss.

I would like to understand where to write the code. If in the file editviewdefs.php in the path / custom / modules / MyModule / metadata or I need to modify some other file.


You should use different files if you would like use SuiteCRM correctly.
Give some more information about your task.
For example, if you write about mathematical calculations fields look at documentation:

In short, I have to transform an excel spreadsheet into a suite module that my company can then use. The point is that this excel sheet is very automated and being new to the suite I don’t know how to integrate it. From what I understand I have to write some code in PHP and JavaScript so that I can automate everything and perform mathematical functions. I created a module but now I don’t understand where to go to write the php code this is my first problem because I’m new to suiteCRM and I don’t know how it works.

a little orientation:

most things that have to be done in the backend can be solved with logic hooks/workflows (event based) or schedulers (time based):

everything that should happen on the frontend can be solved with custom javascripts/jquery. Simply create your code and inject to the relevant views, there are multiple topics in this board on how to do that, e.g.:

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Thanks for your reply I will now read the material you provided so I can give you a more detailed answer. Thanks to you for your help too!