Help with Merging Contacts

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I am relatively new to CRM Suite and am still learning my way around everything, but my company has a question about merging contacts.

My company is using CRM Suite Version 7.7.9, Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509) and we ran into an issue with merging contacts. When we merge contacts certain fields do not appear. For example, we are trying to merge two contacts and the field “Course Sales” is not merging into the new contact. So the courses we’ve linked to contact a and contact b are not merging into contact c. Is there something we are missing? Or is this a field that will not be merged when using this feature?

I’ve attached a screenshot of the field in question:

I apologize if this question has already been asked, I searched the forums to check but I might have missed it.

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Katherine Kunkle

I could be wrong but believe custom changes are required for custom field merges. @pgr might have a better idea on that

If that is a relationship, it’s not a field. I think merges only handle fields.

Is that relationship one-to-one? If it is one-to-many then that brings additional complexity to the issue…

You might need some custom code to achieve what you want…

Hi there,

Unfortunately, the relationship is not one-to-one, it is one-to-many. Thankfully it’s not a huge issue, but we wanted to check just in case! I can pass it along to my colleagues that the problem may need a custom code, or that it may be a complex answer? Thankfully we know a way to add that relationship back to the newly formed contact.

I appreciate the responses @Mac-Rae @pgr

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