Help to make a custom PDF template with related custom modules

I’ll see if I can make myself understood,
I have created two custom modules that are linked to the Events module
Expenses - Many to One - Events
Income - Many to One - Events
Within each event there is a sub-panel for each custom module, so everything is fine as each event has several revenues and expenses.
I have already followed the guide to add a print PDF button to the events module and have managed to create a PDF template for this module following the guide, the problem is as follows:
When creating the PDF template, I select as type: Event, however in “Insert Fields” the related custom modules do not appear, only the Events, Locations and Users modules. I have identified the problem by studying the quotation and invoice modules a little to know how to make the relationship modules appear in “Insert Fields” ; apart from having the relationships with other modules configured, these modules also have added “Related” type fields, so I tried to add the “Related” field type to the events module and… bingo, the related module appears in “Insert fields” of the PDF template, however this is not functional for me since when I do this, all the data previously entered to the custom modules do not appear in the pdf because now, in the events module, a new field appears in which I have to select an expense or income respectively which duplicates the work and makes no sense to make relationships since logically the data has to appear in cascade.
When I create a new expense or revenue, I select to which event it belongs, so in the events module I see a list of all the expenses or revenues that there were for this event.
Attached are some screenshots to understand the logic of what I want to do. If anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it.

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Events Screen

PDF Template Screen

Relationships between events and custom modules

Update, I want to achieve something like this:


Lograste imprimir el PDF con información de módulos relacionados?
Yo hice algo parecido.


Hola, con esto logré hace lo que buscaba (este identifica los modulos relacionados para poder incluirlos en el reporte PDF) (este me permite subir plantillas en excel)


This add-on Related record to export in PDF and word format will help you to generate relational data for built-in module and custom module too.

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