Help Please - Bug - SubPanels Collapse When Sorting Or Navigating - Also bug when updating.

I’m having an issue. I recently upgraded to Suite Version 7.6.6
Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061)

After the upgrade, subpanels collapse (and won’t expand again) under any of the following conditions:

1.) When trying to sort ascending/descending by various fields such as date or quote number etc

2.) When entering new items into a subpanel (you can then refresh and see they have been added)
- Such as adding a new contact or opportunity into an account for an example
- In most cases, a refresh will show correct info again - except for when trying to sort/view quotes (subpanel).
(such as viewing quotes subpanel within account or opportunity screen)
- In every case of the subpanel collapsing, clicking it again will not expand the subpanel.

Needless to say my sales team is getting frustrated at this.

I want to continue the upgrade/migration path except I can’t because of another bug.

The file size,

Bytes, is greater than what is allowed by the upload_max_filesize and/or the post_max_size settings in php.ini. Change the settings so that they are greater than

Bytes and restart the webserver.

I had one of our software engineers / programmers go into the server and edit the php.ini file correctly.

But still the problem persists.

I now feel very stuck.

Does anyone know which files I need to edit to get rid of either of these 2 bugs?

Your help is appreciated.

In the SubPanel Collapsing case we do not get any errors on screen, just the behaivor of the Subpanels is not functioning correctly.