Help! Modules Missing in Add Dashlet List

I copied over a Suite install for a new site and cleared out some DB tables. I then went in and created some new users (regular users) and the only modules listed to add to their Dashboard when adding dashlets is my calendar. If I change them to an Administrator they can see them all. It must be a setting somewhere I need to change but I forgot where it is. But I don’t recall ever having to do this for new regular users?

Okay, that was weird. I set the user back to regular user and now I can see the modules in the dashlet modules list. I think it may have to do with the fact I have security groups and when I created the users they were not assigned to any groups. Just a guess.

Okay, that didn’t work. For some reason, I can only get the modules to come up in the dashlet selections when I make the user an administrator. I have compared module related and security settings in admin between the two sites and they look identical.

Does anyone know what controls what modules are listed when you add a Dashlet with a regular user account?