Help: Lost Side Bar in Studio


Very silly problem. I closed/minimised the Left Side Bar in Studio, and now I cannot get it back as the “open/un-minimise” arrow is not visible or available.

Any ideas how to get it back?

You need to specify what version of SuiteCRM you have, I’m attaching two screenshots with 7.2.1 version with SuiteR theme to show you how to get back those panels.

Hi Mike

Running 7.2 and that “arrow” is not visible, see attached screenshot

If you check the release notes of 7.2.1 here you can see that it was fixed

Fixed - GitHub issue #149 - Collapsing Studio sidepanels

You need to upgrade

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Ah, thanks for that. I am having a problem upgrading , so until I solve that I will have to live with this one.


Have you tired to change your theme to Suite7? maybe is just a theme issue, and as you administrator can use the Suite7 theme to change stuio stuff until you fix your upgrading problem.

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That is a good idee I will try and provide feedback.

Installed 7.2.1 all good now