Help! Locations Created By Admin Users Can't Be Seen By Others

After many years we just started using Locations to be used with a relate field in the case record that we need to specify an associated location. The initial locations were created by an admin user. All non admin users can’t see any of the locations. They can create locations themselves and on the create screen there is a Security Groups selection. This selection does not appear when an Admin is creating the location. Is the only way around this to not have any admin users create any locations? I’m running a pretty old version (about 2.5 years or so old) of SuiteCRM.

It appears the problem is the admin user that created the group is not assigned to any security groups. So the default when using Security Groups for location records is if the location record has no security groups assigned to it, no non-users can see those location records.

I am wondering if there is any easy way to basically ‘turn off’ security groups for a module such as Locations. Basically saying the default is not security group record? All can see, instead of no security group record? Only admins can see. I can see the way it is setup is the more precautions route. Otherwise I’m going to need to manually create security group records for all the pre-existing locations created by the admin.