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hello everyone, I’m writing a thesis on crm software. I need a hand to understand what are the involved technologies to consider, I marked I.A. , big data … should I consider database or data warehouse and also data mining? I’m a bit confused. sorry if I don’t write correctly, I’m Italian

I’d be happy to help you understand the technologies involved in CRM software and which ones you should consider for your thesis.

CRM software typically involves a range of technologies that work together to manage customer data and interactions. Here are some of the key technologies to consider:

  1. Database Management Systems (DBMS): This technology is used to store and manage customer data within a database. The DBMS is responsible for organizing, retrieving, and updating data in an efficient manner.
  2. Data Warehousing: Data warehouses are specialized databases designed for business intelligence and decision-making. They are used to store large amounts of data from different sources and allow for complex data analysis.
  3. Big Data Technologies: Big data technologies are used to manage and process extremely large datasets. This can include technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases.
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI technologies can be used to analyze customer data and predict customer behavior. This can include machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and image recognition.
  5. Business Intelligence (BI): BI technologies are used to analyze and visualize customer data to help businesses make informed decisions. This can include tools like dashboards, reports, and data visualization software.
  6. Data Mining: Data mining is a process of discovering patterns and insights from large datasets. This can include techniques like clustering, classification, and association rule mining.

When it comes to your thesis, you should consider which technologies are most relevant to the topic you are researching. Depending on the focus of your thesis, you may need to dive deeper into certain technologies or focus on how they are used within the context of CRM software. For example, if you are studying how CRM software can be used for predictive analytics, you may want to focus on AI and data mining technologies.

I hope this helps clarify the technologies involved in CRM software and gives you some guidance for your thesis. Good luck with your research!

That sounds like a load of ChatGPT bllsht to me.

Nobody uses AI or data warehousing or mining with SuiteCRM. Those are just buzzwords. A typical CRM is just an old school application with a centralized database.

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Hello, thanks for the very useful answer, in reality I would like to treat these technologies only in a general way to explain how they are used in the context of crm software, in fact, however, there is not much material like this. If you have any other suggestions, I’m here, thanks

Hello, I wrote on this community but my work concerns crm software in general, I have seen a lot of news about the introduction of i.a. in this sector, and I also wanted to understand the other technologies that are involved, if you have any suggestions I’m here

Don’t forget

  • open-source
  • fund-raising platforms
  • mobile phones

I advise you to distinguish between

a) what computers actually do for actual companies
b) the way people talk about computer technologies

So, a) is about humble technologies like wi-fi and mobiles and web browsers and small centralized databases. It gets work done, is not too expensive, and is adequate for the small amounts of data that you have. And you can push through it without proper IT staffing, because, who can afford developers or proper IT staffing these days?

But b) is about “the cloud” (other people’s servers, rented), IT consultants, IT magazines and reporting, centered on very large fashionable companies, AI (a great solution, of course. But which problem is it actually trying to solve?), blockchain, and many other technologies you listed, which only make sense if you have tons of data and money, and a niche problem to solve.

the cloud is the backbone technology of my thesis, the crm is an inclusive service that describes the other topics for this I treat them in a general way. in one chapter I make the distinction between cloud, promise and opensource , and in another I wanted to highlight the different technologies involved, and I have more doubts about these

I thought I’d talk about cloud data migration, databases, and data analytics. I’m trying to figure out the right categories