HELP Deleted 2000 opportunities - still showing in ODBC Export


We had 2000 opportunities in our system. I told it to delete all of them.

So we then had 0.

I imported 1100 live opportunities into the system,

We have an odbc connecting to grab data from it, and it’s still Picking up all the old Opportunities even though I have deleted them from within SuiteCRM Help? How do i get rid of them?

HAHA My Bad. Took about 10 seconds once I got my arse in gear and looked at the actual file… deleted = 0 = live deleted = 1 = old deleted, changed my import to only grab those with a deleted status of 0 and yipeeeeeeeeee 1100 records selected


Deleted records are not removed from the Database. They are just marked as deleted.

Through the ODBC you can filter out all records marked as deleted.

I think that making the system to just mark records as deleted is a good option if you need to restore records deleted by accident.

If you want to get rid of those records, you can remove them with SQL.


V Barroso

Thanks :slight_smile:

I spotted that at the same time as you were posting I think :slight_smile: