Help - Custom Module - Calender Appointments do not show up for Users.

:frowning: Hummm :frowning:

So my Great wonderful new module is basically for Customer Visits. With notes on the visit etc… So I create the Custom Module.

I’ve added a date / time field for the meeting.
I’ve added a relationship field to select the customer account
I’ve added a relationship field to select the internal User to assign the meeting to.

It lets me create the meeting, I can look through the list of ‘Visits’ that i’ve created as tests, but none of them appear in any calendar.

What do I need to do to let these appointments appear in the users calendar?
I am assuming I can do it through the studio is that correct or not?

It’s as if it writes it into this module but not back to any other module.
Also there is no Calendar module? How do i link it to the calendar.
It sends the user an email saying they have been assigned a visit. Which they can click on to view with the details but there is nothing in the calendar associated with it.

I’m confused :slight_smile:

Or as a non programming Idiot :slight_smile: am I better off actually looking at just renaming the Meetings Module If I don’t use it for anything else to being the Customer Visit module instead and using that and just not necessarily using all of the abilities of the module.