Having issues with report for date and status field on conditions.

I want to create two reports.

  1. Leads created Daily
  2. Weekly Sales Performance+ New Leads or Converted Leads

For the first one where I need to view leads created daily I tried setting condition as “Date Created ,equal to , period, today” but that didn’t worked and it gave me an empty report but then I tried which is a bit weird but “Date Created ,greater than or equal to , period, today” worked.

Why is this happening.

For the second report I tried various things but it didn’t worked atall.

Even just the two conditions that status equal to New or status equal to Converted does’nt work.
Now in this condition I need to add one more condition that these leads should be in this week.
So I added “Date Modified” , "Greater than or equal to " , “period” , “This week” but this doesn’t work either.

What’s wrong with the reports not even a simple “OR” condition is working.


I believe the “Today” value is generated with the time as 00:00:00

So, “Greater Than or Equal To” would work better than just “Equal to”, as it means that all records created after Midnight will show. (Rather than Records created ON Midnight)

Regarding your 2nd issue, If I create a report with the same conditions as you have specified, I have no issues.

What do you mean by “Doesnt work”? Would you be able to clarify on what issues you are having?
(I.e, Incorrect results, No Results)