Having big Problem in workflow Module


Having problem for the reminder. I set the invoice with due date 23/10/2016(which is one month from today ie 30 days) and i need the reminder 27days before the due date(means i should get the email reminder on 26/09/2016). I set the workflow with condition and action.
whenever i create it then suddenly i got the reminder in my mail but i didnt get it 27days before before the due date.

Note: I am getting the reminder mail immediately but not getting on specified timeline which is 27days before the due date.

Images has been attached to understand it.



I believe the workflow condition you’ve currently set up would indeed send the email immediately.
(e.g: As it is “Less than or Equal to” and “Now +27” days, this would mean it would send if the Due date is more than 27 days away, due to the way workflow would interpret this condition)

I think a possible solution may be to put in a second condition, to ensure the date is correctly limited to 27 days.

For example, a 2nd condition like:

“Invoices” “Due Date” “Greater than or Equal to” “Date” “Now + 26 Days”

This should hopefully ensure that the Email is sent ONLY when it is 27 Days away, and not More than OR less than 27 days away.