Has anyone else had a problem with 'Select' popup box being blank?

Before I log a bug in Github, just wondering if this has been experienced previously and found to be a OS issue that was resolved.

Example, go into Accounts and Click to select a Contact. Sometime the Contact search popup will show, other times the popup just stays a blank page indefinitely. And when it does show the search page, it takes a few seconds before it does.

Running on Ubuntu 16.04, PHP 7.0. Accessing from a Mac. Tried latest version of Safari and Chrome.

Not many errors in the log file. Nothing that I can see would relate to this issue. Not sure if this would make a difference. Apache is running on a custom port. Connecting via HTTPS using a GoDaddy certificate. The SuiteCRM config file has the port change in it.

please provide your SuiteCRM version, this is important. I’m having this kind of situations with Chrome and 7.6.6, not with Firefox I can’t figure it out yet why

best regards

SuiteCRM 7.7.4. It was originally running from a an upgrade, but recently I removed everything and started fresh being that I am just using it for testing at the moment.

As mentioned, running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with default repositories enabled only.


Ok, I noticed some consistent errors when testing. These show up in the Apache2 error log.

So far I have found that one or both of these errors occur when I go into an account or contact. Not going to the Accounts listing page but in the accounts page itself. The mention of SearchForm2.php makes me feel this is somehow causing the grief.

As mentioned, the SuiteCRM log does not show any errors, not does the SugarCRM log.

Not only are the search pages slow but sometimes the entire CRM goes unresponsive. Hope we can get these issues sorted because I cannot pitch this system to my business until the bugs are ironed out. Maybe SalesAgility could post information on a few Linux Distros that they test with so that we know what works best?

Re-installed Ubuntu 16.04 but instead of installing MySQL, I went with MariaDB 10. Seems to be working properly now. Not sure if it was an SQL issue.

I did have issues installing SuiteCRM this time until I read that the latest copy of MySQL prevents people from using the root account. As soon as I created a new account, problem went away. I was previously using root as I set the server to only connect to root from localhost. At some time during Linux upgrades, they may have changed this which is why it started giving me issues. Maybe…

Anyway, all good finally!