Does anybody know someone who will provide “rapid guidance” at a reasonable rate? We would like to be taught the proper way to customize our install.

For instance we need to know how to perform actions when a module has a certain status. That action maybe convert to another module. Is a conversion as simple as changing the status to converted and then creating the new object and attaching the correct data? When do you do that? Before save, after save or does it make a difference?

Those are the type of questions we would like answered. We need a little bit faster response than the forum provides though.

I bought this and it is a huge help. Will guide you with common customization and the proper way of performing them.

Oh yeah and it a super reasonable rate! I know this might not be what you are looking for but its a great start.

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I looked at the sample and it looked like the documentation regurgitated with a little extra added in. Can you send me a copy of the book? Does it tell you how to convert a custom module into another module? Is that something you know how to do?