Groups of users


I have a doubt. How can I create groups of users?

Finacial: User_A, User_B, User_C
Administrator: User_D, User_E
Technical: User_F, User_G, User_H, User_I, User_J, User_L, User_M

Is this possible add to member on Group?

And Add automatic members of group “Finacial” and “Administrator” on “System Administrator User”

Yes, see documentation for Security Groups. I am assuming you want these groups of users for this kind of purpose.

Hi again, But I can add automatic groups of active directory. Is this possible?

I don’t think that exists yet. There might be an add-on in the SuiteCRM Store, please search there.

And I seem to remember that being asked before here in the Forums, maybe you can find something, although I don’t think it reached a solution…