Graphs doesnt appear at view status of Campaigns

Hi Team,

Graphs are not showing after click of view status at campaigns module.

Kindly find the below screenshot .

Kindly help me out to fix the issue

Please have a look at this:

Specifically, knowing your SuiteCRM version is essential; and if you can please try this on the live demo, it really helps to determine if the problem is only in your installation, or if it is generic.

Hey @pgr … we have upgraded suitecrm from 7.7.6 version to 7.11.10 (latest version)… the graphs are not showing after click of view status at the campaigns module
And before the upgrade ie at 7.7.6 version the graphs are being shown.

and i already checked the campaigns module at live demo , it seems i was not able to send campaigns out as there wer no email settings setup.

Also i have checked php error log, apache access log, suitecrm log … no logs related to this issue .

May I know if its an upgrade bug ?

Thanks for your help

Maybe the problem is not with the graphs.

I notice that the fields in the Campaign aren’t showing anything. There doesn’t seem to be a valid campaign record there, no wonder the graph can’t be drawn.

Could you have some possible access restriction (security groups) preventing this user from accessing this?

Also check for

Hey @pgr

I have checked all the points

-> No security group restrictions , also i m checking with admin login
-> No custom addons installed, except the reporting addon - I dont think this is causing issue - as I have uninstalled in an instance and checked - still the graph doesnt show
-> I have made a re-check the compaibility matrix. This is our configuration
mysql:- 5.7.28
php:- 7.2.24
Apache:- Apache/2.4.29
-> No custom code at campaigns module

Kindly help me out , if there is anything to check from my end .

Thank you ,

I would focus on why the data is not showing in the detail view. I believe the missing graph is just a consequence of this initial problem.

Maybe increase your log-level to DEBUG and try to figure out if anything looks suspicious while loading the Detail View of the Campaign.

You might also want to see if there are any Javascript errors in your browser’s developer console.

I too have the same problem.
My version of SuiteCRM is Version 7.11.13 , php 7.4, os Ubuntu Server 20.04.
The Newsletter sending works but I can’t see the graphs with the statistics anymore

I don’t have any errors in the Firefox console, only some warnings

I have enabled the log depth in Debug (see (16.5 KB) )

SuiteCRM don’t support php 7.4. The highest version is 7.3 .

I understand that it could be a problem but I don’t think it depends on the version of php for example I have an installation with these features:

OS -> Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
PHP -> 7.4.10
SuiteCRM -> Version 7.10.13

And here work the statistics, I report a screenshot

I have updated the CRM to the latest version 7.11.18, the charts are back :v:

You will run into bugs with PHP 7.4, it really is not compatible with SuiteCRM yet.