Grand Total error since upgrading to 7.7

Hi there

We recently upgraded from version 7.6 to 7.7 and switched to the new theme as well.

We are experiencing an issue with quotes where the Grand Total field seems to have some errors. I have tried rebuilding/repairing, but unfortunately it made no difference in this instance. I have attached three pictures to this post:

Capture1.PNG - this shows the quote showing 0 as the grand total
Capture2.PNG - this shows the quote in ‘edit’ mode, where there are two ‘grand total’ fields, both with a value of 0.
Capture3.PNG - this shows the first grand total field totting up correctly after the save button has been pressed, before skipping back to the screen showed on Capture1.PNG. It does not save the grand total field.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, or have any suggestions as to how I might fix it?



Hi Simon,

The best place to log an issue like this is on Github. That will make sure the development team will see it and will fix it for a future release. Just make sure there not a similar bug already open