Google Suite section (google calendar) not visible in version 7.11.9

I want to add google calendar sync - I have followed instruction

but I dont see Google Suite section in admin tab ?

Does any one know why ?

There are many steps to follow. Can you please mention where are you stuck??

Log into SuiteCRM as the administrative user.

Go to ‘Administration’.
Then scroll down to the 'Google Suite' section.
Click on the 'Google Calendar Settings' item.

I don’t have Google Suite section under Administration

I’m using
Version 7.11.9
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Sorry, that’s a bug and the fix is here

it will be in the next version, of course.

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I have updated file and it works now

I’m not sure if I should create separate topic - I have configured calendar - all seems to be configured properly - in google I see that sync requests has been sent
but I can’t see my calendar items in SuiteCRM and I can’t see my SuiteCRM calendar items in google

Can You help, please ?

please ignore my last message :slight_smile: its working as expected