Google Maps custom integration with Suite CRM


I’m working for a web development company our sales department asked me to make some custom changes to our current CRM. We use Google Calendar, and right now when they create an event in SuiteCRM, they have to add it separately to our Google Calendar. They have asked me to automate this task so they only need to create event in SuiteCRM with the event showing up on Google Calendar automatically.

Since SuiteCRM doesn’t currently have Google Calendar integration and it does not seem to be planned for 7.2, I was thinking of adding this functionality myself. I would like to know if this seems feasible, and how I where I would need to look to get started.

Also, are there currently any plays to integrate Google Calendar, and when would that be?


Also I meant Google Calendar, not Google Maps as it says in the topic and I’m not sure how to edit my post. Sorry about that.

Dear Dingram

Did you started the development of the integration with Google Calendar?

We might actually start a project to create that funcionality? Do you still need it?

Both … Google Calendar uni-synchronous (Sugar/Suite>Google Calendar) publishing has been a standard feature for a couple of years.

It’s a setting per user: Go to admin>user>advanced and scroll down to Calendar Options

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In simple terms - Is it possible to just push new calendar entries out without google connecting directly to our crm system? We have the CRM locked down for internal use at the moment.

I’ve been experimenting with this recently.

CRM has an iCal server, so google would connect to CRM to retrieve data. It can connect every x minutes to refresh the data.

Meetings are sent from CRM with an .ics attachment, to add the meeting to a Calender. So this would be the closest thing to it pushing out the data.