Google map in iframe

Hi everybody,
I use SuiteCRM 7.7.
I configure google maps
geocoding test : ok
geocode addresses : ok

Now I want to show map in account detail.
I created a iframe field with the url :{jjwg_maps_lat_c}, {jjwg_maps_lng_c}
and inserted it in account detail.

The problem is I can’t show the map because ‘X-Frame-Options’ is set to ‘SAMEORIGIN’.
see first image

As you can see on second, url is correct (if I copy/paste it in a new tab, it’s ok)

Is there a way to allow “” ?
Is it possible to remove 'X-Frame-Options ?
I saw there is header_remove(‘X-Frame-Options’); in the beginning of the action_map_markers().
But I have my problem.

Can you help me, please?