Google integration - status?

Hi Devs,

Roughly two years ago, Will confirmed in a post on this forum that

Could we have a status update on that?

Looking through the forums, this seems to be a hot topic for many users. Not surprisingly, Google being the most popular email hosting service worldwide. Third-party alternatives to offer this functionality are scarce and just too darn expensive.

So, I was wondering what we could do to speed this thing up. How about we organize a bounty, maybe on You devs decide what kind of funds are needed so that you could prioritize this task and finish it in a short time, and the users make the necessary contribution? I would be very surprised if we wouldn’t find enough people to contribute. Especially since much of the code could be reused to implement other CalDAV/CardDAV clients, another hot topic in the community.

Looking forward to your feedback on this.

I’m sure I corrected myself, but if I did not, it’s not planned currently and isn’t something on the roadmap for future releases at this time.