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Google Calendar with ver 8.1.0

I am trying to get google calendar sync to work. Do we need to load the google api via composer as well as do the quickstart.php setup?

If so I have tried that but I am still having issues with there is a blank screen when using the redirect url

Also if I try going in via a users profile and authorizing google calendar it is just also going to a blank screen.

I think you are not uploading the JASON file.
At this point: Google Calendar API: How to find API Key for Google calendar?

Please check out:

Thanks, the JSON credentials file is being uploaded in advance and the GREE CONFIGURED is showing.

So there is still the error for the individual user connection.

Might be same issue as this one…

There doesn’t seem to be a solution yet. (I’m getting this on 7.12.5 as well.

Yes seems to be the same… it would be nice if there was a solution.