Global Search returns 0 results in a module when i put a custom field

I’m running version 7.11.15.
I’ll recreate step by step what i’m doing to add a custom field to the global search:

  1. Go to /var/www/suitecrm/custom/Extension/modules//Ext/Vardefs

2.Open the php file of the custom field you want to add to the global search (it appears automatically when you create the field in suite).

3.Add the line
or put it to true if it’s false.

4.Go to /var/www/suitecrm/custom/modules//metadata

5.Open SearchFields.php and add
array (
‘query_type’ => ‘default’,

  1. Do a Quick Repair in Suite.

This works in some modules.
I have a module called Leads and doing these steps i can make it search by the field ‘name’ but i have a custom field and i want to search by that field too.

When i add this custom field in SearchFields.php and do a Quick Repair then the global search always returns 0 results for this module but when i go back and delete the lines that i added in SearchFields.php it returns to normal and searchs only by name.

make sure you have added the correct system field name. eg. mycustomfield_c not mycustomfield.

Yes, im using the correct name. It works in another module i have, Im just repeating the process. I don’t know why this time it doesn’t work.

May be try this

I will try this but i don’t thing that’s the issue.
As I said it’s when i modify the SearchFields.php to add the new field it returns nothing. It’s like when it tries to execute this php it breaks or something.

To add to the topic now i see that this only happens when I try to add a related field to SearchFields.php.
When i add a text or number field it works fine.