Global Indexing with no progress after upgrade 7.11.9


I upgraded SuiteCRM from 7.10 to the latest available 7.11.9.
Apache 2.4.41
PHP Version 7.3.11
MariaDB 10.4.8

Already with 7.10 my Indexing has not maintained through Scheduler due to cron job not working on the MacOS.
As I a am back on Linux I setup cron job and the scheduler with Indexing is back working.
I followed the process.
I monitor the Scheduler Job status for “Optimise AOD Index” and “Perform Lucene Index”. Both ends with succes as far as the a the SuiteCRM Scheduler Job pages stands.
However, watching the “index.php?module=AOD_Index” I note that I have only one recors and this the one I saved since indexing started.
Index stats
Total records 17355
Indexed records 1
Unindexed records 17354
Failed records 45
Index file count 1
Last Optimised 2019-11-11 19.00

I checked the suitecrm log file in Debug Mode but no obvious error message.
Do you any advice where to look to trouble shoot this not progressing indexing?