Global Filters for "My Filters"

Under “My Filters”, in each of the modules, is there a way to set Global Filters that everyone needs to have access to please?

Many thanks

There is no feature for this. I’ve seen other people ask for it, I agree it would be nice.

This might help:

Thanks PGR. How do we go about requesting this feature?

I actually saw the post you were referencing but though there must be an out of the box solution to this

You can open a suggestion on GitHub (if it’s not already there) but to be honest, unless someone is able to provide the developer to do it, I don’t think this will get picked up by the core team, they have too much on their hands, this is a “nice-to-have”, not an essential, there are add-ons that provide it; and it’s quite a bit of work to do properly, from the UI…

Thanks @pgr - I will look at the addons for the moment

Hey @pgr

I’ve not been able to find an extension to do this. Do you have any recommendations perhaps please?


Apart from the suggestion I linked above, no, sorry.

Unless you have a budget, that would give you some ability to get this done for you.

Uuugh…I did not even see that link, sorry @pgr.

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