Getting the Contacts email from the Invoice module


We need to be able to get the emails of every person(Contact) that has an Invoice with us.

Is there a way to have a field auto populate in the Invoice module with the associated Contacts email? That way when we export all Invoices we can have a list of emails? Without having to type in the email each time we create an Invoice.

If that is possible or a some other solution that gets all emails of associated Invoices, that would work too. The end result is that we get the emails from everyone that has an Invoice with us.


Have you tried a solution around Reports module? It should let you pick up a field from a related record (the contact).

If you can’t get it to work, I suggest an SQL query directly to the database. Of course, you can also do some PHP work to get it from the UI, depends on how pretty you need it to be (if it is for end-users).

Tell me if you need help with that query.

Good morning and hope you had a good weekend.

Thanks for your help once again, the Report module was super easy and got exactly what I wanted.