Getting phone fields to display on Contact Form or to access in Contact Edit mode

I see I can enter Other Phone when first converting lead to contact but then it doesn’t show on Contact Form, even in Edit mode.
Also, I downloaded the import template and that has the following phone fields - Mobile, Office (the main number of the account), Home, Other.

But again, the display of the Contact only shows the Office number which is the main number of the Account and the Mobile number.

So when there are multiple contacts at one account and they all have their own mobile number - not a problem.

But when they each have their own direct line at the company either directly OR the main number plus their own extension, that could be put into Other but I can’t get it to show and can’t seem to access Other or Home in Contact Edit mode either.

Please advise.

I also am having this issue and wondering why no one else is experiencing this. It seems to me like something that would affect many people. In the import template it lists Mobile, Office Phone, Home Phone, Other Phone. Why have 4 columns for numbers if they all don’t display in the CRM?

Has anyone found a work around or temporary fix for this?

You can use Studio to add the field to forms (DetailView and EditView).
Or you wrote about something else?

Perfect, that was exactly what I was interested in doing, adjusting the columns that need to be displayed and removing the ones that aren’t necessary. Much appreciated!!