getting fatal php error at end of install

I am getting the following fatal error at the end of data local Linux install. Getting the following error:
“Fatal error: Call to undefined function ctype_lower() in /[my local server]/SuiteCRM/include/HTMLPurifier/HTMLPurifier.standalone.php on line 8662”
Database has been connected and populated with tables. I’ve installed according to instructions.
Thanks in advance for help!

please provide info of your system setup, php, apache, os, etc.

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I am on a macbook pro running OS 10.9.5, Apache 2.4.12 (unix), php 5.3, and mysql 5.6.24 using AMPPS v.2.5

I appreciate your quick response

please, make a phpinfo.php with this information


// Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL

// Show just the module information.
// phpinfo(8) yields identical results.


load it in your browser and check if you have this line

ctype functions	enabled

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I only have the following within “Configure Command”: ‘–enable-ctype=shared’

Enable PHP Extension ctype from AMPPS Application -> PHP Tab -> PHP Extension.

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Worked like a charm! Many thanks!