Getting Errors While Assiging a Task to diffferent user


I have just created the first user for my company in suite crm and is on a testing mode. have hosted the suitecrm on a shared server of Big Rock.

When i am assigning any task or any record to a customer i am getting the following errrors and logs.

  1. Database failure. Please refer to suitecrm.log for details.

When i go to the log files in system settings of suite crm i get the following lines.

  1. Sat Dec 26 06:33:59 2015 [434673][-none-][FATAL] Retrieving record by id users:1 found Query Failed: SELECT users.,users_cstm. FROM users LEFT JOIN users_cstm ON = users_cstm.id_c WHERE = ‘1’ AND users.deleted=0 LIMIT 0,1: MySQL error 2006: MySQL server has gone away

I heard about setting up my max allowed packet or something in my sql… but i donot know how to go about it.

Let me know if someone can help.