Get table fields from Users table as choice in PDF template Insert Field

I’m trying to populate a PDF Template with reports_to_name, but I can’t figure out how to get that choice to appear in my drop down from any of the User: Assigned To (for instance) choice.

How do I get a specific field from the table as a choice in the PDF Template?

When editing a PDF Template, you first select which type of Template this will be based on: Quotes, Invoices, Contracts, Accounts, Contacts, Leads. Notice that not all SuiteCRM modules are available here.

Then a bit below there is a chance to go pick up some extra data from related records. That’s the first listbox from the “Insert fields” area.

You can choose something like “User: assigned to” which means something like “I am in the record for a Lead (for example), this lead has a relationship to an assigned user (different table), let me get some field from there”.

What you are asking for would be to follow a second relationship, because “reports to” is a relationship in the Users table…

This is not currently a functionality in SuiteCRM… If you can get what you need into a custom field in the users table (as a value, a string, not as an id into another row in the users table), you might be able to do it…