Get pop-up of all users list when we click on newly created custom field

Hello all,

We have created supervisor field under accounts module. Now we want to know, is it possible to enable pop-up of all users list when we wanna put information at this custom field? If yes, how can we achieve it?

Thanks in advance!

Did you use a Relate field?

I did not use that while creating it.

Well, consider using one, it does what you require, in a very easy manner.

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@rsp LOL the Relate Field literally works that way as @pgr mentioned. Just relate to users.

Okay. I never created relate fields before :sweat_smile: I will try it out.

@rsp, some advice on relate fields… when I first introduce people to relate fields, they start making them everywhere. Consider if making an actual relationship in Studio is more beneficial, one-one, one-many or many-many than making a single relate field.

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