Generate PDFs for contacts of a target list

Dear community,

I have the task to adjust SuiteCRM to my companies needs and we do indeed send a lot of letters instead of emails.
What we would need is a “Print PDF” button in non-email campaigns or at least in target groups, such that we can create a letter vor every contact in the corresponding target group. (Actually much like the “bulk action” when you are at the list view of the contacts. But we cannot select all people by hand every time we send out a letter, since we have at least two campaigns a year with several hundred people.)

I researched already, but I only found things on how to add a custom Action, for example:

But I fear the PDF creation part is the heavy one… And I did not find much about it. I have found a topic explaining how to add the functionality to a custom module, but the author himself does not know how to do it with existing ones.

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Have you tried the out-of-the-box function in Contacts List View? Select a few contacts and use Bulk Action / Print to PDF.

Now, if this fits your needs you might just need to explore (and perhaps customize) the filters on that view, so you can quickly search for all contacts in a Target List.

That page you linked is to add this function to a Custom module, you might not need all that if you’re using Contacts.


this is actually a good idea, thank you :smiley:
So I only would need the property to mass-upload a document to different contacts (or tag it or whatever), to keep track of my send mails.
I do not know yet how to manipulate the filter, I will look into it (even though: if you know it, I would appreciate help).

Best regards and thank you already,


Sorry to hijack this thread, but it was very relevant for me.

I have tried the above suggestion but I am told “No templates found - Please go to the PDF Templates module and create one”. This is all well and good but

a) why is my instance missing out of the box functionality and
b) it doesn’t look like I can create a PDF template to loop through all contacts under an account? It will print one contact, despite selecting all and Bulk printing to PDF.

Any suggestions appreciated.

That is normal behaviour until you set up your first PDF Template. You need to create at least one template specific to the module that you’re trying to “Print to PDF” from.

Then, you should be able to select multiple records, and the template will create a separate page for each.

Tell us your version of SuiteCRM please, and check your logs if it doesn’t seem to be working.

Ah yes, thank you. I was just being blind. It was printing the second contact on to page two.

How do I get the Print as PDF option working from the Opportunity menu? The only Opportunity data I can find under the PDF Template module is under Quotes. However we have disabled the quote modules are we have another quote system already in place. Is there any way to pull Opportunity data out on to a PDF template that I am not seeing?

I don’t think that exists for Opportunities, no. You’d have to create some custom code for it.

Maybe you can have a look at the Reports module and see if you can get the data you need from there?..