Generate Letters missing from Accounts and Contacts since update to 7.8.5

Hello and again thanks to all the people contributing to this project.
Have a strange issue since I updated to Version 7.8.5.

The Generate letter menu item is missing from both Accounts and Contacts menu since the upgrade. All the pdf templates are still accessible directly. Created a test template, toggled active not active, tried different things but no joy. The invoice module still has pdf template access. Did several quick repair and rebuilds, reset directory permissions, cleared the cache, used different browsers however still missing.

Any suggestions this is a very important part of our work-flow.

I just checked the official demo (but it’s 7.9.0) and they are both there (see screenshots attached)

From the images you have attached you are using the old theme, which is no longer supported. Maybe the problem is due to that.

In any case you should check your logs and permissions as a starting point.

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The SuiteR theme is still supported in 7.8.5, it is only deprecated in 7.9.x.

I see an option there called “Generate Document”? Isn’t that the same thing, with a changed name? I don’t know, I’m just asking…

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“Generate Letter” has been changed to “Print as PDF” with PR 3591

There is a report that this PR could have created another issue: " It shows in the list view, but not when you edit the account in drop down."

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Thanks to every one for the suggestions they really help…

Have already done several repairs, and re-set permissions. The “Generate Document” option is a separate add-on which allows for the creation of Word and Libre office mail merge docs on the fly.

Do however think horus68 is correct since it does show up in the list view, but not when you edit the account in drop down." Had not realized it worked in list view, good to know.

Will work with it this way for now, will be updating to the 7.9 version as soon as the current issues have been worked out.

i have the same problem in v7.8.5 (Under account)