Generate admin password

I am facing an issue with my admin account, i am not able to connect to my system as admin while all other users i created has access.
I think someone change admin password or i forget the correct one, would you please help in this matter.

Thanks in advance


You can change password in database directly. Create md5 hash for admin record in table users.

Thanks for reply,
How do i should do it :frowning:
I have access to my AWS instance where i have my SuiteCRM install.



I don’t know detail about AWS because i don’t work with it a long time. If you have virtual server you can install phpMyAdmin. The service will provide interface for working with database. Maybe AWS has analog service. You can find access parameters (login and passoword) in the file config.php of your SuiteCRM.

Hi @clara
You have only access to AWS instance, right.
So, Go to the AWS -> You Database folder-> Config file
You will get the Database Credential there…