General question about access control with roles

Hi again!

I have a general question about roles and access control:

Is the “owner” definde by the “assigned to” field?

If I have set the access for group 1 to “owner” for example for the “documents” module. Then I create a document with a user of group 2 and assign it to a user oif group 1. Will the user of group 1 see that document?

What if a user of group 1 creates a document and assigns that document to another user. Will he then stop seeing his own document?


Ok. I just checked the second question myself.

If a user of group 1 assigns a document to another user he stops seeing it.

Can this behaviour be changed? For example I want the user of group 1 to assign a task to another user but still be able to see this task?
The idea is to have different users, who can’t see each others records (like freelancers, group 1), but a secretary (group 2) who can see and work on all files.

If the freelancer forwards/assigns a task to the secretary I want her to work an that task but I also want the freelancer to see his pending tasks…

I thought that a solution would be to create a group for every freelancer and add the secretary to every group.
Would this be a good solution?