General Mapping Question Thread

I am working on some custom mapping stuff for my application and I thought I would go ahead and make a general thread to ask my questions in and hopefully provide a medium for other in the future to get help with the same questions that I am having. There is not much info on this stuff and I realize this is based off a 3rd party plugin and pgr does not have much knowledge on this as he doen’t use it much. However I will at least come back to the thread and post what I find for others If no one knows the answer before I find it.

My first thread on this matter you can find here.

Anyways, I finally got everything mapping correctly, and the labels are working on the field that is set in the Google Map Settings

Now my first question is related to the attached image.

Now I would like to change the colors of the status markers based on more appropriate values: Green: ACTIVE | Yellow: POOR | Orange: CRITICAL | Red: DEAD. How do I go about doing that?

Also, when I hover my mouse over the marker the name of the record is displayed, however when I click on the marker a blank tooltip is displayed, I would like to add the name and other relevant record information in this tooltip, how can I do that?

If you inspect the markers and the tooltips with your browser’s Developer tools, you can see if the HTML classes and IDs are dstinctive enough that you can search for them in the source code, and then try to work backwards to where these screens are being generated…