Gateway timeout every time I try to update personal email accounts.

I am very new to this CRM and only just launched the Bitnami Image from AWS yesterday. I have had no issues adding personal email accounts before today. I am trying to show my company that this CRM is great so we can switch to it, but I keep running into problems all the time. If you guys have any advice on general setup that would be much appreciated.

But back to the issue.

I was running into a problem of adding personal email accounts where the name had apostrophes but I am now no longer adding those.

But when i try to add an outgoing email account or try to update a personal email account. The system just hangs and i get a gateway timeout error.

Not only that, but when i try to edit or add to the inbound or outbound emails from the admin panel, they do not show up under personal and when i hit “Save” i get a “Database Failure” page, but the info is still updated.

I know there is a lot going on here but i am new to this CRM and support forums in general. Any input helps.

Thank you.

Hi, welcome.

You can start by learning how to check your logs so you can get some additional clues about those blank screens.

Pay attention to the time at which you attempted to load the screen and it failed, so you can focus on the right portion of your log later.