Fresh installtion with old content (?)

Hi, my current installation (7.8.30) seems to be un-upgradable (White Screen while System Check when trying to upgrade) so, I’d want to install a new copy of the current version and place all my databasa, custom fields etc into it. Is this possible and how would I do it, besides just pasting the database and linking it to the installation?


You can make many copies of the system to try to upgrade.

  1. Make a copy of your installation folder
  2. Create a copy of your DB
  3. Update DB information in file config.php in the copy of your folder

No to upgrade I think you should try to upgrade by steps. First to a previous compatible version then to the next one until you upgrade to the most recent version. Check here for the compatible upgrade with your version.

One more thing to consider is your version of PHP and MySQL every time you upgrade.

Hope it helps.



yep true, I should install a fresh copy of 7.8.30 and update it step by step- The only problem is, that I can’t find a full installation of 7.8.30 but just upgrade from older versions to it. In here I can only download the source code but don’t know how to install is as there’s no .htaccess or config

I don’t think you should just install a fresh copy of it. I think you should make a copy of your current installation (DB and Files) and use to upgrade from there. That will allow you see if your custom code and current installation works with every upgrade you perform.



There is the list of all SuiteCRM Version in the discussion thread:

sorry I don’t fully understand what you’re suggesting.

Backup your current system (DB and files ) and try to upgrade. That way if something fails during upgrade, you are able to restore your system.